What our customers say about us

  1. "Unforgettable Experience! Signing up for a player card was a breeze, and getting a free parrot photo was the cherry on top. The parrots were incredibly charming, and I now have a stunning memory of my Las Vegas visit. Highly recommend this unique attraction!" - Jessica S.

  2. "Highlight of Our Trip! As adults, we've been to countless attractions in Vegas, but none quite like this. The interactive element with the parrots was simply outstanding. These feathered stars brought a whole new level of entertainment to our vacation!"

  3. "Magical Moments for All Ages! We brought our young children, and the parrots' gentleness and sweet interactions left us in awe. Our kids couldn't stop smiling and talking about the experience. This attraction made our family trip to Las Vegas truly special." - Mark and Emily D.

  4. "An Oasis of Joy! We were blown away by the captivating parrot photos we got with our player card sign-up. It's a fantastic concept that brings the essence of Las Vegas and nature together. Kudos to the team for such an innovative and enjoyable experience!"

  5. "Rescued and Remarkable! Witnessing the transformation of these rescue parrots was truly amazing. Not only did we get stunning photos, but knowing that we were supporting a cause made the experience even more rewarding. This attraction proves that second chances can lead to truly extraordinary encounters."

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